Buy "Extended Play" on iTunes!

Buy Extended Play on iTunes!

"The band’s newly released Extended Play brings extreme energy with superb production that rocks hard with plenty of sparkle and enough bottom end to kick you squarely in your tender parts." - Indie 403

The New Black

Last night we played a show at the New Black with some new friends, the Saucy Wenches and Apollo’s Wasteland. The show was amazing, all the bands killed it, and personally I had one of the funnest nights.

Some of you may know that Steven’s brother Gary is lead vocalist of Apollo’s Wasteland. I’ve never actually seen him perform before (or any other members of the band, for that matter. Last night was the first time I met most of these guys) but he blew me away. Zach, Collin and Trevor also killed it, delivering insane bass lines, outstanding guitar solos, and pounding drums that make you wonder if the world isn’t coming apart at the seams. It was their first show ever, and in my opinion, they nailed it. Great guys and a great band, really enjoyed sharing the night with these blokes.

There’s not too much goings-on other than that. We are preparing to get some stuff out to people real soon, including our EP All My Queens. This has been long overdue, but we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay tuned, we’ll let you know what’s happening! And I’ll try to get better at updating this thing!